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My Ex lover is With the Tinder Regardless of if We simply Bankrupt Upwards

step one. The woman is using it because a self confidence increase

Shortly after a breakup, it’s not unusual for a woman to feel beat trust in their particular attractiveness to many other guys.

This can happen because experience of their unique guy became terrifically boring otherwise stale (e.g. their particular guy addressed their more like a friend than simply an appealing, alluring lady, these were always performing a comparable some thing, the newest sex turned painful or dried out completely, he always appeared to be deciding on other female and you will examining them away).

It may also occurs in the event the their unique guy got her for granted regarding relationships (elizabeth.grams. the guy averted observing and you can commenting on the operate to look attractive to own your, he had been indifferent if you don’t rude on their particular, the guy talked down to their making her be stupid otherwise unattractive).

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