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Matter eleven: “Ranga was just this new boy to have their particular and she many suitable fiance to have him” states the new narrator

Exactly what service did he render?

Who is ‘she’? Just what led narrator compared to that achievement? Answer: ‘She’ right here stands for Ratna, the niece regarding Rama Rao. She are a fairly girl out of eleven. Each other their particular mothers which have died, their bro got introduced their own home. Are a great girl regarding a big area, she know simple tips to have fun with the veena plus the harmonium. She plus had a nice sound. All of these qualities made their particular an appropriate fiance getting an early on, experienced people including Ranga.

Matter twelve: Exactly how performed the new narrator help Ranga enjoys a peek out-of Ratna? Answer: The new narrator build new meeting really methodically. First he named Ratna toward pretext off delivering buttermilk compliment of their unique. He then requested their in order to sing a track. Meanwhile Ranga, which he previously sent to possess, hit the door. The guy became curious to see the new artist and you may peeped into the. His visibility within home prohibited this new light and Ratna avoided vocal instantly.

Matter thirteen: Just how did Ranga and Ratna react at the unforeseen run into? Answer: Ratna stopped vocal instantly toward enjoying a stranger outside the place. Ranga believed distressed when the vocal prevented. Ratna stood far away with her direct lower. Ranga several times glanced on her. The guy blamed themselves toward vocal to quit and you can accessible to log off. Ratna try beat because of the shyness and you will went into the. Ranga enquired in the her.

Concern 14: Exactly how did the fresh new narrator handle Ranga’s inquiries regarding the Ratna? Answer: The latest narrator failed to provide your an easy answer.

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