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Who have been the Half a dozen Wives away from Henry VIII?

King Henry VIII ruled England to have thirty-six years (1509-1547), presiding over the roots of your own English Renaissance and you may Protestant Reformation. However it is the newest monarch’s tumultuous romantic lifetime, in the place of their government, which have remaining your in the limelight.

Henry VIII is the best noted for their half a dozen spouses, and several mistresses he continued the medial side. The fresh new monarch’s eager pursuit of governmental unification and you will a healthier men heir drove him in order to annul several marriage ceremonies and also have a few wives beheaded. His crazy like lives brought about a shaky sequence, overseas plan implications and even led to the vacation into the Church away from Rome.

Is a glimpse-in order-within lifetime and, in several circumstances, the fresh new early passing out of Henry VIII’s spouses as well as the impact so it genuine-existence melodrama had to your England.

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