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Aphrodite demonstrated a flower in order to their son Eros, goodness from like

Lilies is stated regarding the Old-testament, plus in this new Testament, they signify chastity and you may advantage. Both in this new Religious and you can pagan way of living, this new lily was a virility symbol. From inside the Greek marriage ceremonies the brand new bride-to-be wears a top away from lilies and wheat… purity and abundance. Lilies are also a symbol of passing, as well as onetime lilies was wear the brand new graves of students.

The fresh new lily has no genuine medicinal value, even in the event Into the Elizabethan times, lilies was indeed one of the dishes in the medicines to procedures temperature, and for tidy up wounds, burns and you will lesions.


Orchid originates from Greece, where orchis mode balls. Some orchids have been called ladies hands, women’s tresses, or a lot of time purples. Greek feminine believed that in the event your father of their unborn child ate high, the brand new tubers, the little one would-be a boy. If for example the mother ate quick tubers, they might bring delivery to help you a child girl.

The preferred orchid, new vanilla orchid, is said to bring energy on Aztecs, just who drank vanilla extract blended with chocolate.

When you look at the nineteenth century, Orchids was widely collected. You’ll find nearly twenty five,000 types. Their reproductive choices enjoys interested botanists for many years… to germinate, an orchid’s seed products have to be penetrated by fungus posts.


Dr. Joel Roberts-Poinsett, the us Ambassador to help you Mexico, delivered the initial poinsettia towards the You within the 1928.

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