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Concern 20: “There is shock to the Ranga’s face

And many pleasure.” Precisely what do do you consider got caused such attitude? Answer: In the event that narrator learnt out of Shastri-brand new astrologer, the title of one’s girl Ranga try concerned with you are going to end up being Ratna, he was simultaneously reminded regarding Rama Rao’s niece Ratna. The guy asked this new astrologer if the there was people threat of the relationship are repaired here, new astrologer offered a strong guarantee. That it caused contentment and you can wonder toward Ranga’s face.

Matter 21: Just how performed the narrator decide to try this new honesty off Ranga’s emotions regarding Ratna? Answer: The new narrator employed the age-dated key ‘enticement into unattainable’. He first mentioned the girl was hitched per year in the past. He noticed Ranga’s disappointment. Ranga’s face fell in the event the narrator stated toward astrologer you to Ratna is partnered. As he was sure of this new honesty off Ranga’s thoughts throughout the Ratna, the guy shared that she was not married.

Matter 22: “There is deeper truth for the reason that shastra than just we envision,” states Ranga. Just what knowledge really does the guy make reference to and how was he produced so you can face it? Answer: Immediately after their trip to Shastri, new narrator revealed in order to Ranga one Ratna was not partnered. The guy noticed one to any Shastri told them had turned-out to getting true. Still he could not accept that Ranga is considering her.

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