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Hair Colour Dark brown 46% White Blonde 21% Light Brownish twelve% Face Profile Diamond sixteen%

In terms of deciding exactly how glamorous a lady was, charm truly is in the vision of your own beholder – however,, there are numerous actual has actually which might be currently said to be more desirable than others the same.

Charm conditions for ladies have evolved over the years, on 21st Century enjoying women superstars return to the same style you to leaped in the Golden Age Movie industry – when the better is a curvaceous, hourglass profile with fat throat and you will glowy cosmetics. So it move, paired with the rise out of common social networking programs instance Instagram, implies that about folks are trying to replicate these features to be considered glamorous.

But exactly how does this convert so you’re able to a bona-fide women profile – especially the essential popular facial enjoys, frame or other attractive functions? The fresh Sexiest Lady Research from the Casino Protector attempted to pick out exactly that – using viewer-chosen datasets – to disclose what the perfect lady really looks like…

  • Thin 93%
  • Mediocre 5%
  • Sports dos%
  • Zero 77%
  • Yes 23%
  • Face 25%
  • System 17%
  • Yes 60%
  • No forty%

Surprisingly, a quarter (25%) of these checked was in fact rumored to take some type of plastic material businesses on their deal with, eg nose jobs, lip filters otherwise botox.

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