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Mothers either abused girls especially in reaction to the newest girl with a partnership-often causing their to flee

Status and Youngster relationship

Nepal’s entrenched status program and you can discriminatory thinking predicated on caste keeps a significant affect marriage conclusion, plus times when moms and dads mention the importance of finding a spouse from an appealing status as the a reason getting a baby matrimony. “My personal child was 14 yrs . old, together with become going out with family members and several of your own friends got boyfriends and some have been lower status boys,” told you Rekha Kamat, exactly who set up having her daughter, in the age fourteen, so you can marry a 25-year-old neighbors. “I was frightened she’d including go out with a lesser status boy and now we is highest caste and that i can not allow one to. As soon as so it proposal showed up which boy is actually highest caste and you may lives regional, I imagined it is an excellent-she will become securely hitched, and that i can invariably has my daughter in front of my eyes.”

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