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10 sexist issues that women face at the job

Each of these issues has been reported over and over repeatedly so you’re able to the latest Casual Sexism Opportunity. For some men, they shall be difficult to imagine. For the majority of feminine, he’s sorely common.

1 Are mistaken for the assistant

“Even when I have been a senior figure when you look at the buyer group meetings, whenever virtually any attendees is men it’s regularly asked you to definitely I am the one to take cards and you may distribute beverages.”

“I’m direct of one’s fundraising agencies on charity I work with. Each and every time I go to an interviewing the guy into the my personal agencies, he is greeted first, their give is shaken basic, additionally the discussion is actually brought to the your. Guatemalan nainen Just after, I became asked basically are there to take cards also when i is produced because movie director.”

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