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Kristen and you may Tracker display a bedroom in the apartment and generally are nonetheless cheerfully relationships

In the Fantasy High Reside in Brooklyn, she actually is living in Strongtower Deluxe Apartments which have Jawbone, Adaine and you will Tracker. Kristen facilitate The fresh Bad Kids and you may Hargis overcome Occularia, King of Vision. With this battle, their unique Heart Guardians change from Philosophers so you can Opinions college students. Around the prevent of one’s competition, Tracker bursts into theatre to guard their own girlfriend. Once they overcome Occularia, Kristen and you may Tracker dancing to each other lower than strobe bulbs.

Into the Fantasy Higher Real time at RTX Austin, Kristen, Adaine, and you will Fig try asked to aid cover Zelda when you look at the routine in the their unique 16th party. The fresh Bad Kids and you can Ficus guard Zelda in the Class Fouls. Kristen defeats this new Centaur from Sloppiness playing with Banishment.

Drama from Believe [ ]

Most of the their particular existence, Kristen are a great devout lover out of Helio. She was one of his true Chosen-a enthusiast touched by the his divine strength condemned having Eden.

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