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What do Dudes Want into the a partner?

And will be lived call at lifestyle from married and you may solitary female exactly the same

“Exactly what do you desire within the a partner?” We asked many the people drifting the latest halls at my church that Week-end. Their responses was indeed because varied as their years.

  1. The fresh eight-year-old: “Girls? Ew . . . however, hold off-is she generate delicious chocolate chip snacks such as for example my personal mommy?”
  2. New 13-year-old: “She’s got becoming sizzling hot. In, such as, a pleasant method, ya know?”
  3. The fresh new you are-year-old: “My coming partner . . . hmmm . . . exact same values, breathtaking, funny, nice, smart-although not a recognize-it-most of the, great identity, and i such long-hair!”
  4. The fresh twenty-four-year-old: “Stability, adventurous, trustworthy, and you may enjoyable.

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