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Wedding is a vital service that is always ticked as greatest out-of of them ‘’bucket list” regarding Gambian neighborhood

Although not, The fresh Gambia have one another Muslims and Christians and lots of traditional believers, just who the bring ental foundation away from life and as a present out of Goodness, and something which should not overlooked. Since bloodlines are essential, relationship ‘s the auto that sanctifies them. Marriage, therefore, assures the brand new continuity of your lineage. Hence, most family members choose wed within individual kinsmen. Importance is placed toward marriage within this a person’s very own group, labeled as Lasilo into the Mandinka otherwise Xet in the Wollof.

Certain benefits associated with being married include to be able to attend and you may grab ily, ward and you will people meetings plus paying down domestic disputes.

How try bia?

Muslim Marriages Marriages try contracted (Nikkah) between men and you will a female to call home to one another due to the fact partner and you will partner as directed by the Muslim’s book out of rules called Shariah. At the time of the ily professionals and you will relatives of one another bride-to-be plus the bridegroom tend to gather in the mosque or family relations domestic of bride-to-be. This is accomplished on the recitation of a few verses, investing regarding dowry and revealing out of soda insane to claim them husband and wife.

New Christians, in addition, accept that marriage inside the a chapel, facing God, is essential since it is a community declaration of like and you can partnership for them.

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