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On coming, Ciri joyfully reunited with Vesemir, Yennefer, and you may Triss

Although not, not wanting Ciri to give by herself right up, Vesemir generated your final assault during the Imlerith, stabbing him and you can leading to Imlerith to breeze Vesemir’s neck, instantly eliminating the fresh witcher

However, enough time for occasion are cut small, due to the fact Take a look do in the near future physical violence the maturing remain. Even with wanting to battle on next battle, Ciri try ordered to stay during the continue when you are anyone defended their. Yet not, Ciri defied so it buy whenever she saw Triss come under attack because of the Nuts Search warriors and you can rushed so you can their unique help. She after aided Eskel facing Caranthir, before general heard a conflict horn signaling him to retreat.

Given that Nuts Look broken Kaer Morhen’s inner courtyard, they released a robust stream of the fresh new White Freeze, cold folks cut to possess Ciri and you will Vesemir, who’d become about a wall structure which means that weren’t handled from the great time.

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