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Members you to existed inside urban areas ate a whole lot more ultra-unhealthy foods

Dining table 4

a you will find no high variations compared with the source group for the per changeable (sex: women, age: 2–9 many years, region: Atlantic, Area: urban, Socioeconomic position: Reasonable, just after modifying for all sociodemographic details.

Although not, its consumption wasn’t somewhat some other compared with residents in rural regions, regarding confectionery sweets. We observed comparable manner one of citizens of the Bogota area which consumed a lot more industrialized bread, confectionery, meals, ready-to-consume food, and candy versus most other nations. However, the intake of processed beef was the lowest. This new customers out-of Orinoquia as well as the Amazon had the higher consumption off sugary drinks, while those of the fresh Central region exceeded the consumption of canned meat. Little or no differences was observed ranging from geographical nations into consumption out-of milk products beverages.


The data presented a number of throughout the practices models regarding ultra-junk food when you look at the Colombia round the various sociodemographic circumstances. Those into the lower usage of ultra-junk food (earliest quintile of consumption of super-unhealthy foods, 16,20 . Candies, processed foods, and you will sweet drinks would be the head members into the Brazil 4 . Confectionery, processed chicken, and you may in a position-to-eat edibles including increased when you look at the Colombia, but in order to a lower the amount.

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