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The fresh Chewa individuals, an excellent Bantu ethnic classification indigenous to main and you may Southern Africa, will be largest ethnic class for the Malawi

One of many Chewa, boys and you can girls commonly designed to do sex ahead of relationship, and that all the strategies in order to socially length all of them regarding the contrary sex

Also, they are labeled as AChewa. Their words is called Chichewa. Phiri and the Banda constitute both most noticeable Chewa clans. New Phiri clan is actually of this leaders and aristocracy, therefore the Banda clan is on the healers and you may mystics. They create a populace of just one.5 mil people.

The fresh new Chewa individuals method this new rite away from wedding carefully, having young everyone avoiding getting married very early. Constantly, parents aren’t designed to speak about factors connected with wedding with its students since it is generally felt forbidden.

In the rural options, boys and you may girls are raised in their parents’ households otherwise made to inhabit adjoining huts, in addition to kitchens. After, whenever signs of puberty start exhibiting, he could be split up off their parents’ domestic and begin living with other girls and boys. So it breakup lets them to find out about way more affairs of adulthood, along with marriage. Boys aren’t designed to begin shaving the beards whenever you are staying in its parents’ house.

On the boys, sleeping into the a great mphala allows these to publicly talk about development, ong this new youthfulness. The latest girls sleep in the fresh new gowelo so you can freely explore facts related to their development and relationship. It provides space for these young people each other to be educated and you may reliable within their communities.

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