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Connectivity anywhere between Cues off Sexual Interest and you may Sexual Thinking inside the Portuguese Female

Sexuality is defined as a multidimensional experience which involves genital, rational, and actual portion. It is very presumed once the a standard position intrinsic with the peoples life you to encourages the newest search for like, intimacy, sex, and distance so you can other people. Part of the mission associated with investigation should be to assess the matchmaking anywhere between signs from sexual attract and you will sexual thinking inside the Portuguese female. It is a cross-sectional investigation with 804 Portuguese women so you can who the new process was applied. They integrated a knowledgeable agree, a sociodemographic questionnaire, a survey connected with intimacy, a scale off sexual perceptions, plus the measure away from signs regarding sexual appeal. The newest method was applied via Google Versions due to the newest pandemic condition (COVID-19). Differences had been used in sexual attitudes together with signs out of sexual appeal in terms of sociodemographic services, plus regards to ladies closeness. High correlations was indeed found within short term sexual thinking scale (BSAS) and cues from sexual desire measure (CSDS). Age, sexual direction, family relations characteristics, sexual practices, graphic distance cues, erotic specific cues, and you can neurological direct cues identify, altogether, 25% of one’s overall sexual thinking.

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