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In the Afghanistan, legislation claims that ladies can get married regarding ages of 16

When Bishnaw-Wawra requested respondents on what age girls within town otherwise society are receiving hitched, 15% told you brides try significantly less than fifteen years and you can 54% said he or she is between 18 and you may twenty five. When questioned towards age they thought befitting matrimony, more than 70% told you ranging from 18 and twenty five. While requested how the neighborhood responds in the event the a family group is actually sluggish so you can wed from a child, 25% replied your clan was seen negatively and you will 21% added your girl is seen as an encumbrance to those next to their unique.

Another grounds driving child ilies to market their “four- or five-year-old” daughters while they are unable to afford all of the youngsters he’s, predicated on Safi. This type of girls is located at a very high likelihood of finding yourself hitched once they reach adolescence.

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