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This new relational characteristics adjustable allows the second impulse choices: 1-I am not inside the a relationship; 2-zero connection; 3-which have partnership

2.3. Instruments

Sociodemographic survey and you may questionnaire to your ladies intimacy. Good sociodemographic survey was built, including sociodemographic issues (years, marital updates, degree, and you may career); the questionnaire towards the ladies intimacy comes with circumstances connected with brand new closeness of females (sexual direction, lifetime of the present day relationship, nature of your matchmaking, sexual relations during the last week, newest sexual techniques, and you can sexual people). Regarding your second, the newest sexual orientation varying was open and you may is after recoded since the 1-heterosexual and you can dos-other orientations, because of the lack of solutions for it solution. New changeable lifetime of the modern matchmaking included the following address alternatives just like the: 1-I am not saying inside the a romance; 2-below half a year; 3-six to help you 12 months; 4–twelve to 24 months; 5-over 2 years. The new adjustable current sexual means and sexual partners allows going for you to of one’s after the response methods: 1-no; 2-sure, no sexual companion; 3-yes, in just that sexual partner; 4-sure, along with one to sexual spouse.

Sexual Attitudes Size (SAS). Brand new SAS is made of the Hendrick and you will Hendrick , being verified towards Portuguese populace of the Alferes and later changed by the Antunes . In the current analysis, the latest Portuguese variation is used with its faster adaptation (Short-term Sexual Thinking Scale, BSAS), proven to be adequate and appropriate when it comes to the brand new outlined expectations.

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