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During the ancient times, celebratory feasts entitled “unhealthy rituals” were held to boost an individual’s sexual attractiveness and you can lustful nature (7)

As the ancient times lbs has starred a vital role for the French Polynesian community. The definition of “weight try beautiful” represents the typical mindset Polynesian individuals have for the looks (7). French Polynesians imagine huge or large human body a sign of physical appeal and you may beauty. About year’s social practices has actually changed and you can fattening rituals are no further performed, and you can lifestyle alter have been altered. Regardless of the evolutions when you look at the diet, obesity has been aren’t discovered among the French Polynesian some one and you may has been firmly welcomed for the islands (7).

One of the islands out of French Polynesian, dinner performs a central character when you look at the Polynesian culturemon traditional Polynesian hospitality comes to pampering subscribers that have restaurants. Since the meals is regarded as present, it is noticed very unpleasant to have subscribers never to take part in eating you to an atmosphere prepares and offers.

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