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Earlier in the day show regarding the association ranging from relationships stage and you may envy in the Facebook was contradictory (Clayton mais aussi al

Early in the day training indicate exactly how Facebook threatens a beneficial couple’s feeling of freedom and you can freedom, getting security a problem for coping with the difficulties in the matchmaking (Fox et al

In summary, brand new Colombian variation of your own FJS is actually including 15 issues, instead of the very first 27 facts, and these fifteen situations told me 60% out-of variance. The 3 activities (Partner Activity, Mate vigilance, and Spouse close and you can sexual relationships) was basically and additionally seen to be regarding both. FJS multidimensionality shall be told me by firmly taking into account you to jealousy has been felt a beneficial multidimensional construct (Guerrero & Andersen, 1998; Iqbal & Jami, 2017) that differentiates the mental or low self-esteem foundation, that will coincide on Partner’s Pastime foundation; the new behavioural basis or protective measures to end relations having opponents, which would coincide towards Lover’s Surveillance basis; the intellectual basis otherwise negative thoughts from uncertainty, which may coincide into Partner’s personal and you will sexual dating grounds.

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