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Big offers say feminine do have more determine regarding ideas on how to increase youngsters than just state guys manage

Opinions on this subject are very different a bit from the gender, nevertheless variations include apparently small, inside certain nations where he or she is mathematically some other. During the Poland, Poultry and you can Argentina, women can be probably be than men so you’re able to favor a keen egalitarian wedding because of the a dual-little finger margin (10 commission situations within the Poland, 11 facts inside Poultry and you will twelve things within the Argentina).

Viewpoints differ a whole lot more extensively across the academic attainment. Indeed, for the 17 regions, individuals with much more training may say that it by the 10 or maybe more issues, plus improvement of at least 20 situations in the Poultry (twenty five circumstances likely to be), Lebanon (21 issues) and Brazil (20 things).

Decades is also linked to opinions on which sort of matrimony are better in approximately half of brand new places interviewed, with individuals young than 29 likely to be as opposed to those ages 50 and you will old to state a marriage in which both the husband and partner have work or take proper care of the house and kids is the more satisfying way of living.

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