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A completely pleasant book on the a couple of great some body recognizing the thoughts are mutual and working toward the happy end

Rui is actually extreme, active, nice, and you may more likely to worrying. Yuujirou was sports, short, and it has a complicated in the their height. The two large schoolers have been family relations since they have been pupils. Rui had dropped into a gutter and you will Yuujirou saved your. During the time, Yuujirou consider Rui are a highly sweet girl. and fell instantly in love. Even after he revealed you to definitely Rui is an excellent boy, the guy failed to move their attitude, and it’s really taking harder and harder to full cover up them.

I dislike myself a small getting offering Tokyopop some of my currency. I’m nevertheless bitter regarding the licenses it left when you look at the limbo and you can collection you to definitely went partial after the organization imploded. But so it seemed most lovable, so i overlooked my sour thinking and you may bought it.

To the in addition to Mer om f̦rfattaren front, they were both 100% aboard with sex Рno rapey tinge, although there are you to illustration of accidental voyeurism (when the truth be told there really are love hotel rooms that way, up coming eww)

Plus it is actually lovely, generally.

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