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The 3 youngest girls dressed in circlets away from golden will leave across its temple

The young Earl out of Medina-George Milford Haven’s son, David-dressed in a good sailor’s uniform, and additionally a limit affect the name HMS Advanced level. That’s a mention of house institution from inside the Portsmouth you to housed the fresh new practices of First Ocean Lord, a subject kept of 1912 so you’re able to 1914 by the Lady Louise’s dad (and you can nothing David’s pops), new late Louis Mountbatten, first Marquess away from Milford Retreat. e term would-be granted so you’re able to Woman Louise’s young sister, Lord Mountbatten.

Those two were particularly alongside the sister Louise. They’d have a tendency to come staying with her as well as their grandmother, Victoria Milford Haven, during the London area while they considered prospective husbands.

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