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Design Throughout the Ptolemaic Time The development of your temple of Horus dates back for the Ptolemaic period

A destroyed pylon lays only to the fresh new eastern of the newest temple; inscriptional research has been found showing a developing system underneath the The fresh new Empire rulers Ramesses We, Seti I and you may Ramesses II. Of all temples out-of old Egypt, the one at the Edfu is one of done and best preserved when exposed by Auguste Mariette throughout the 1860s. This is because brand new forehead ended up being entirely immersed lower than the brand new desert apart from the the top of pylon entrance.

Short-term History

The first brick was placed into 23 August 237 BCE and it is merely a great century later on, towards the 10 September 142 BCE, that the forehead was theoretically consecrated in the presence of the Queen himself, Ptolemy VIII and his spouse. The structure works went on for the 140 BCE towards pronaos, then the pylon and also the nearby wall surface. The next consecration of your forehead was a student in 70 BCE, but the monumental doorway about cedars out of Lebanon was just applied when you look at the 56 BCE.

Disuse Throughout the Roman Time The fresh new temple regarding Edfu fell towards the disuse while the a religious memorial adopting the Theodosius I’s persecution off pagans and edict banning non-Christian praise inside Roman Kingdom in the 391 Le. Since somewhere else, some of the temple’s carved reliefs was indeed razed (inspect) by followers of Religious faith and that concerned dominate Egypt. Brand new blackened threshold (inspect) of your own hypostyle hallway, apparent now, is thought to-be the result of arson intended to destroy religious graphics that was upcoming sensed pagan.


Over the many years, this new temple turned into tucked to a level regarding 12 metres (39 base) beneath floating wilderness mud and layers off river silt transferred from the the new Nile.

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