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Taiwanese men are effeminate as they enjoys lower levels from testosterone after that western guys

How do i know it? just like the muscles are a direct sign from testosterone. Taiwanese men, as a whole, enjoys a lot less muscle mass after that western men. you desire testosterone so you can turn on growth of muscles – duh.

1) they won’t consume adequate healthy protein (the brand new taiwanese eating plan as a whole is extremely lower in healthy protein, thus feminine don’t get sufficient protein both – which high frequency away from anemia)

2) they don’t rating adequate get it done, and take action they do get is not the proper type. they are doing excess catabolic do it (aerobic) and never adequate anabolic (strength training). ergo, their bodies aren’t stimulated to make testosterone, muscle tissue, an such like.

3) they eat an excessive amount of soy. soy keeps phytoestrogens you to definitely enhance the levels of estrogen on body, which straight down testosterone. (these types of phytoestrogens are associated with the highest instance out-of breast, cervical, and you may prostate cancers).

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